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Don’t Fear Freight. Forward It.

Outsource your logistics planning to us. We’ll take care of your transport. Internationally.

Combined Transport

Combined Transport

We provide Road Haulage, Sea Freight Shipping or Air Freight Transport and combine them effectively.

24/7 Dispatching Centre

24/7 Dispatching Centre

Talk to our operators anytime you need.

All Around the World

All Around the World

Many freight forwarders focus on specific regions. We don’t. We operate worldwide.

Reliable Drivers

Reliable Drivers

We choose only dedicated partners and continue to work only with those we can rely on 100%.

Always at Your Disposition

Always at Your Disposition

We know you need to find a solution quickly. We put together a price quote for road haulage within 30 minutes during our office hours.

ISO Certification

ISO Certification

Our processes have the ISO 9001 certificate — the highest international standard for quality management system.

Road Freight Transport

  • Import & Export.
  • 1–38 pallets fit into one vehicle. Or even more if they’re stackable.
  • Demand Full Truckload Transport (FTL) if your goods fill up an entire vehicle.
  • Opt for Less Than Truckload (LTL) for smaller loads and pay just a portion of the price.
  • Standard pick-up (on the agreed date and time) or express pick-up (as soon as possible). 
  • Just-in-Time, Milk Run or Kanban deliveries.
  • Oversize Load Transport — heavy loads, wide loads or high loads.
  • High Volume Transport (HVT) — 100 to 120 CBM.
  • Operation all over Europe
  • Unlike most European freight forwarders, many of our transport partners operate in Eastern Europe.
  • Extra insurance on demand.

Apart from freight forwarding, we provide our own road freight transport.

How to Save Money on Road Freight Transport?

  1. Order freight transport several days in advance.

  2. Be flexible with load and unload dates and times.

  3. Transport goods on stackable pallets.

  4. Try to transport in bulk to fill up a vehicle.

  5. For smaller volume transport service, opt for LTL shipping.

  6. Use shipping services at regular times.

How to Speed Up Your Shipping

  1. Opt for Just-in-Time shipping.

  2. Choose lorries as transport vehicles. 

  3. Don’t go for LTL shipping which always takes more time.

  4. Work with freight shipping companies that use GPS-equipped vehicles

  5. Search for Team Truck Driving services (two drivers take turns driving one truck).

  6. Transport goods on stackable pallets.

Sea Freight Shipping

  • We arrange maritime transport all over the world.
  • Sea freight transport in containers is a popular solution for shipping goods from China. Should you wish so, we also arrange rail freight transport from China.
  • Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container-Load (LCL) shipments.
  • Constant shipment tracking. Once the ship docks, we inform you right away.
  • Door-to-dock and dock-to-door pick-up and delivery.
  • Transport of dangerous goods (ADR).
  • Possible extra insurance on top of the maritime carrier’s own insurance.
  • Special handling available — we measure, weigh or photograph your goods.
  • We anonymise all shipment documentation. The name of your supplier remains your trade secret.

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How to Save Resources on Sea Freight Transport

  1. Have all your documentation and data ready.

  2. Be flexible and quick in communication.

  3. Always stay in touch with your carrier.

Mandatory Documentation

  1. Invoice + delivery note.

  2. Certificate of origin if necessary.

  3. Specific documentation for goods of special nature, such as dangerous goods (ADR) or a bill of health for other goods.

Air Freight Logistics

  • Cargo planes are a popular solution for quick worldwide delivery of goods.

  • Door-to-Door express air freight transport.

  • Constant shipment tracking.

  • Immediate notice to both the seller and the buyer when the cargo plane lands.

  • Shipments of all sizes — even heavy load or oversize load. Minimal weight: 1 kg.

  • We manage all necessary customs proceedings for you — for both export and import.

  • Extra insurance available — on top of the air carrier’s own insurance.

  • Special handling on demand — we measure, weigh or photograph your shipment.

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How to Save Money on Air Freight Transport

  • Let us choose the most suitable air carrier.

  • Tell us all the details about your shipment (nature of goods, measurements, weight, amount).

  • Be flexible (timely communication and documentation).

Which Goods Can Be Transported by Air?

  • Dangerous goods and goods of unique nature according to valid IATA provisions.

  • Expensive goods.

  • Refrigerated goods.

Why Use Freight Forwarding

No Freight Limits

No Freight Limits

Every carrier company has its limits. Freight forwarding overcomes them by using transport capacities of multiple carriers.

Easy Logistics

Easy Logistics

You can call multiple carriers to find out who is free and then figure out the best solution to combine all the possibilities. Or you can call us.

Best Quality Management

Best Quality Management

Our processes have been checked and granted the ISO 9001 certification — the world’s most recognised standard for quality management system.

Get a Freight Forwarding Price Quote

If you require road freight transport, we’ll get back to you with a price quote in half an hour (during our office hours). Please understand that price quotes for marine and air transport might take us longer.

Get a Freight Forwarding Price Quote

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