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Warehouse & Distribution Services

We go beyond warehousing and take care of all logistic operations

Don’t Pay for Unused Space

Don’t Pay for Unused Space

You pay only for actual storage of goods with us. Contrary to when you run your own warehouse and the costs stay the same — regardless of the space used.

No Time to Lose

No Time to Lose

Quick reaction time. We perform most stock requests in a matter of minutes.

Professional Staff and Processes

Professional Staff and Processes

Warehousing since 2006. Over the time, we’ve honed our processes to perfection. Our experienced staff always know what to do.

Online monitoring

Online monitoring

Your Client Account provides a detailed overview of your goods and all their movement.

All Types of Warehouses

All Types of Warehouses

Air-conditioned warehouses are equipped with modern technologies and store all kinds of goods.

Safety Above All

Safety Above All

Our warehouses are monitored at all times. We rely on a hi-tech security system.

Warehouse Rentals and Distribution Centre

  • Our warehouses operate 24/7.

  • We take care of all warehouse documentation (CMRs, delivery notes).

  • To keep your trade secret, we anonymise all the original documentation. We re-pack the shipment and replace stickers if necessary. 

  • Loading and unloading of goods of all sizes — even a shipping container. We use a bridge crane for oversize loads.

  • Manual handling, shipment completion and/or re-packaging.

  • Delivery to any distribution network or to the end customer.

  • Regular reporting on stock movement, online stock monitoring.

Store Goods of Any Kind with Us

  • With the exception of perishables (food, medical supplies).

  • Goods on pallets of all sizes.

  • Gitterboxes or Big Bags.

  • Individually packaged goods.

  • Shipping containers.

How to Save Money on Warehousing?

  • Send in stock movement requests in advance.

  • Use stackable packaging if possible.

  • Choose warehouses with shelves systems that enable stacking.

  • Standardised packaging (Euro-Pallets or Gitterboxes) make manipulation with stock easier and quicker, thus reducing the price.

  • Plan stock handling in larger volumes if possible.


  • Outsource your logistics to us completely. 

  • A complex package of services for e-commerce: warehousing and distribution, dispatching centre and transport to end customers. 

  • We’ll even deal with returns on your behalf.

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