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6 Reasons to Choose Our Road Haulage

20+ years of experience in road freight transport

Dozens of Modern Vehicles

Dozens of Modern Vehicles

We refresh our vehicle park often. We rely on our trucks and so can you.

Nonstop Information Service

Nonstop Information Service

Our dispatch centre is available 24/7.

Reliable Drivers

Reliable Drivers

Your orders are in the good hands of our experienced professional drivers.

Online Monitoring

Online Monitoring

Customers see the status of all their shipments in our online system.



All our vehicles are equipped with GPS. Check the exact location of your shipment at any time.



All our processes are ISO 9001 certified.

Road Freight Transport Services

  • Road haulage all over Europe.

  • Volume of one vehicle: 1–38 pallets.

  • High Volume Transport (HVT) — 100–120 CBM.

  • Full Truckload Transport (FTL).

  • Less Than Truckload (LTL) transport also available — for a partial price. 

  • Express shipping.

  • Delivery into a distribution network throughout Czechia.

  • Please note: Our vehicles are modern and comply with Euro 6 emission standards. We care about our ecological footprint.

How to Save Money on Road Freight Transport?

  1. Order freight transport several days in advance.

  2. Be flexible with load and unload dates and times.

  3. Transport goods on stackable pallets.

  4. Try to transport in bulk to fill up a vehicle.

  5. For smaller volume transport service, opt for LTL shipping.

  6. Use shipping services at regular times.

How to Speed Up Your Shipping

  1. Opt for Just-in-Time shipping.

  2. Choose lorries as transport vehicles. 

  3. Don’t go for LTL shipping which always takes more time.

  4. Work with freight shipping companies that use GPS-equipped vehicles

  5. Search for Team Truck Driving services (two drivers take turns driving one truck).

Transport goods on stackable pallets.

Spedition: Freight Forwarding

  • We provide freight forwarding in addition to our freight transport services.

  • In case all our vehicles are unavailable, we get one of our partners to provide the required services for you.

Learn More About Freight Forwarding

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