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3 Steps to Lodge a Claim



Take a picture of damaged goods.



Submit a written claim.



How to Submit a Claim

  1. Take a picture of damaged goods. If you notice the damage right at delivery, add a picture of the vehicle that has brought your goods — don’t forget to capture its registration plate.

  2. Write a note in the CRM sheet.

  3. Let us know about the damages without undue delay and we will immediately start the claim process with our carrier. Submit claims for visible damages right at delivery; hidden damages should be claimed within 7 days. If the delivery due date was exceeded, lodge your claim within 21 days after the actual delivery.

  4. State suffered damages in your written claim (see details below). Send it to our Head Office in Pardubice via mail, or send an e-mail to with your written claim attached.

  5. Send us your written claim as soon as you learn about the damages. Damage claims are our priority — we respond quickly. According to legal provisions, we have to get back to you in 30 days.

What Damages to Claim

Both the sender and the recipient can claim damages. Accepted reasons for claims are: damaged and destroyed goods, goods partly or entirely lost, or late delivery of goods. 

  • Goods are damaged when they change in amount, structure, stability or composition, and such damage can be repaired. Or, it can’t be repaired, but it’s possible to use the damaged goods.

  • Goods are destroyed when their characteristics are irrevocably changed, such change can’t be repaired, and the goods can no longer serve their intended purpose.

  • Late delivery means that goods arrived later than agreed. If there had been no agreement on delivery date, goods are considered to be delivered late in case the delivery time exceeded average delivery time that it would be reasonable to expect.

Monetary Damages and Responsibility

  1. Multitrans’s damage responsibility is subject to relevant provisions of the Czech Civil Code and the CMR Convention.

  2. Monetary damages include:

    1. For damaged goods: Average repair costs for restoring the damaged goods to their original state (including reassembly and assembly costs) — minus the price of spare parts that have been replaced but can be used on their own or sold. In case the damaged goods are not repaired and can still serve their original purpose, the sender is entitled to monetary compensation — the difference between the prices of undamaged and damaged goods. The price of the damaged goods should be set by an expert opinion or should be equal to the price for which the damaged goods were sold (on the condition that the sender agreed with the sale).

    2. Lost or destroyed goods: The gross price of lost or destroyed goods (or their part) at the time of handover to the first carrier (without margin). 

    3. Late delivery: The damages equal additional costs paid as a result of the late delivery. The damages should never exceed the late delivery costs (without VAT).

  3. For damage to goods suffered during transport within the Czech Republic, Multitrans is obliged to pay actual damages. These equal the decrease of the price of the damaged goods. Under no circumstances is Multitrans responsible for lost income and other consequential damage suffered by the sender or a third person.

  4. Multitrans is not responsible for damages if it’s proven that:

    1. The damage was caused by the sender, the recipient, the owner of the transported goods, or by a third person that Multitrans is not responsible for. 

    2. The damage was caused by a flaw of the transported goods, or by their natural characteristics (e.g., natural reduction).

    3. The damage was caused by faulty or insufficient packaging.

    4. The damage happened at a time when Multitrans couldn’t control the load.

    5. The damage was caused by vis major — by circumstances that Multitrans couldn’t control (e.g., a natural catastrophe, a traffic accident caused by a third person).

  5. Multitrans is not responsible for the claimed damages if it couldn’t have averted the damage while using due diligence and professional experience.

  6. Multitrans is not responsible for the claimed damages should the customer handle the damaged goods after delivery (re-packing it or refurbishing) without a responsible person from the insurance company inspecting the goods first.

  7. The sender should make sure that the recipient inspects the delivered goods at the time of delivery and notes all discrepancies and damage claims in the CMR sheet (for international transport), in the delivery note (for transport with the Czech Republic), or in the written claim. To process a claim, the written claim has to be submitted and signed by the recipient and a Multitrans representative (the driver).

Limitation of Monetary Damages in International Transport

According to the CMR Convention, monetary damages are limited for damaged or destroyed goods, and for partly or completely lost goods.

Calculation: 8,33 × load weight in kg × the IMF rate
  • The 8.33 coefficient was set by the CMR Convention.

  • Load weight means the gross weight of damaged, destroyed or lost goods.

  • The IMF rate is set by the International Monetary Fund.

Load of 3.5 Mil. CZK, gross weight 10 tons

Calculation:8,33 x 10000 x 32,028 (the IMF rate from 6/10/2022) = 2 667 932 CZK.

Solution:Due to the CMR Convention, the monetary damages would be 2.5 Mil. CZK. It’s a good idea to get additional insurance.

Damage Claims in Warehousing and Fulfilment Services

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