Claim Procedure

In the case of an insured event (damage or destruction of goods, late delivery), please comply with the following procedure:

1st) take photographs of goods in the vehicle, including its license plate, make it clear that the goods arrived at the vehicle in question (in case of damage or destruction).

2nd) The Write record to CMR (in the case of international transport), or to delivery notes (in the case of domestic carriage).

3rd) The sender or recipient is entitled to claim damages incurred damage, destruction, partial or complete loss of consignments or late delivery compared to the agreed time.

Damage means a change in status, ie. changing the quality, size, structure, stability, composition, things making up the consignment, which can be repaired, or amendment to the state, which, although not repaired, but it is still used for the original purpose.
Obliteration means a change of the state of affairs constituting the shipment, which can not be repaired, and the matter can no longer be used for its original purpose.
Late delivery compared to the agreed time means a delay in delivery, which is expected to be diligent carrier.

4th) The contact staff our company with information about the complaint transport.

5th) Writing complaint registration of quantifying the damage. Claims must be made in writing either to the address Multitrans CZ s.r.o. or e-mail to, immediately after noticing the damage shipment. In the case apparently imperceptible damage within 7 days from the end of the movement.

6th) Responsibility Multitrans CZ s.r.o. for damage to the shipment is governed by the provisions the Commercial Code and the CMR Convention, where it established its jurisdiction.

7th) Skoda presents:

in case of damage to the shipment reasonable repair costs, which are necessary for the introduction of a consignment into its original condition, including the costs of dismantling and build things. Since these costs are deducted the price of marketable and usable residues replaced parts. If a damaged shipment is repaired and used for the original purpose and the damages, then the sender shall be entitled to compensation equal to the difference in prices and shipments against damage after damage. Price is a damaged shipment amount determined by expert opinion or the net proceeds from the sale of the damaged item if the sender agrees to the sale,
the destruction or loss of the consignment actual value of the shipment (given without profit owner of the consignment) at a time over the goods, or parts thereof, if lost or damaged in part.
In case of delayed delivery, which occurs when it has not been delivered within the agreed deadline and if no term was agreed, exceeds the actual duration of the carriage having regard to the circumstances and at partial loads, especially considering the time required to build load in the normal, which is expected to be diligent carrier.

8th) Multitrans CZ s.r.o. corresponds to the sender in domestic transports for the actual damage caused to the shipment during transport. Actual loss means it, what the value of the shipment due to an insured event decreases. In any case, Multitrans CZ s.r.o. the sender is not responsible for lost profits or other consequential damages that may arise in connection with the shipment arise, nor for damages caused by the sender or third parties in connection with the transportation of the consignment.

9th) The Multitrans CZ s.r.o. shall be relieved of liability for damage to the consignment taken over, if it proves that:

the damage was caused by the sender, recipient or the owner of the shipment or the persons they Multitrans CZ s.r.o. not liable defect or inherent defect of the consignment, including the usual loss
defective or insufficient packaging, on which Multitrans CZ s.r.o. He pointed at the sender over the goods. If Multitrans CZ s.r.o. not pointed defectiveness or inadequacy of packaging is not liable for damage caused by defective packaging for shipment only if it was not defectiveness or unsuitability of packaging obvious
at a time when the consignment was not in his power

10th) The shipper shall ensure that the consignment was checked by the receiver and the receipt of any reservation, descriptions of damages and other observations were recorded in the CMR (for international transport) or to delivery notes (in the case of domestic carriage), if necessary. to the complaint report. A complaint must produce a written record of shipment damage signed receiver and a representative Multitrans CZ s.r.o.

11th) Multitrans CZ s.r.o. shall be relieved of liability for damage to the consignment taken over also in this case, if the damage could not be prevented even with due diligence customary in the sector of transport services.

12th) Multitrans CZ s.r.o. shall be relieved of liability for damages in the event that the customer somehow loaded (repackaged, treated, etc.) with the damaged goods without being damaged goods inspected the insurance adjuster.

In the event of any ambiguity in the complaint will be happy with any complaints advise our staff.



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